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Since 2006 Partystar has helped send 150,000 party enquiries to venues. Function venue managers absolutely love the high rate of bookings generated. Read the testimonials below to learn more about Partystar's legendary reputation.

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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5, based on 72 testimonials

Since joining Partystar 2 years ago our function business at the Albion Hotel (Dandenong) has literally "gone through the roof". Now over 80% of our potential clients come through Partystar, tapping into those customers we would never of likely been in contact with. I am more than satisfied with the results we are receiving with our functions with Partystar and hope to continue a longstanding relationship. The behind the scenes team have always been so helpful in accommodating and understanding the needs of our business. I recommend Partystar for any business that runs functions and would like to attract a growing database of clients. Thanks Partystar. 10 out of 10 for service and results for our business. 5.0 stars

I used Partystar for my business and can highly recommend their services. Great team and very supportive in a competitive industry! 5.0 stars

COVID had a major impact on our business. When we re-opened, managing with restrictions was again challenging. Partystar helped us a lot in showcasing our venue to potential customers. Come forward and supported us during a time where we needed it badly. 5.0 stars

Partystar's service has been fantastic in giving increased exposure to our venue. 4.0 stars

We highly recommend advertising with the Partystar website, We have had a massive increase in local leads that have led to several bookings. Any organisation not advertising with them are truely missing out!! 5.0 stars

Observatory Bar has worked with Partystar for a number of years now with great success. It hasn't given us further reach name broadened our potential client base with regards to our private functions 4.0 stars

Over the last 12 months, we have been using Party Star for a series of our venues across Melbourne. We have certainly seen an increase in our enquiry levels, which is great! They offer flexible arrangements when it comes to creating your listing, and the team at Partystar are always a pleasure to deal with. I would certainly recommend them! 4.0 stars

We haven't looked back since listing with PartyStar! Enquiries have increased each year which has been fantastic for business. It was difficult getting the word out about our function room, but listing it with PartyStar has made it such a breeze! We highly recommend listing, you won't be disappointed. 5.0 stars

Partystar has helped us generate more functions and get new clients. It's been a great and easy platform to use. The team always update our information which is great.
It's always good to be listed on more platforms, partystar is a good one to use.
4.5 stars

We've found Partystar services to be quite efficient and have secured some fantastic functions through their services with a 5 out of 5 star rating. 5.0 stars

Since having a listing on, we have received consistent function enquiries and people are discovering our venue easier. Our photos on the website show case our venue splendidly.
We recommend Partystar to any businesses like us, that are looking to increase their functions income.
5.0 stars

The Observatory Bar has been using Partystar for numerous years now and couldn't be happier with the service it provides and the business we receive as a result. 5.0 stars

People don’t thank people enough, I'd just like to say thanks for working with us over the past 18 months. You have been really pro-active from suggesting the "bottle of sparkling" offer, then altering to something different like the $50 voucher.. And also at the same time updating the photos of our venue on your website, which I must say looks great. Great idea to advertise 2 spaces and not just one, as they do look and attract different markets.
A number of people we work with tend to be great upfront but less proactive when the deal is done, appreciate your constant insight and review with how we look on your website.
5.0 stars

Over the last 6 months we have been using Party Star. Since using the website we have received event leads from engagement parties, birthdays & fundraisers. The party star team are great to deal with and have been helpful with any queries we have. 5.0 stars

We have been a member of Partystar since 2014 and have received event leads for a range of different events from 21st Birthdays to Engagements parties over the past 4 years. The team at Partystar are also pro-active in following up with us to ensure we are receiving all leads from their website. 5.0 stars

Partystar is a reliable source of regular function enquiries. Clear event outlines are sent from clients through their portal meaning we can reply with efficiency. We receive a steady stream of functions and I would recommend the use of their services. 5 stars! 5.0 stars

We have found Partystar to be a beneficial tool in increasing our exposure as a function venue. We have seen an increase in function enquiries and a greater reach in drawing new clientele into our venue. We highly recommend their services to businesses aiming to increase their function sales. 4.5 stars

Our Partystar listing had immediate effect, generating specific leads who were already essentially sold on a booking. We saw a return on investment within the first week of our listing going live. Highly recommend. 5.0 stars

I have been using Partystar for the past 6 years. Year on year they provide me with a steady stream of clients. Just getting one customer from Partystar pays back the investment (and some) I make with them. I reckon the ROI just with the Partystar website is 1500%! Then I get return customers that keep on coming back year after year. I would highly recommend their website 5.0 stars

Partystar connects the customers to the business with ease. Clear event details sent directly to the business meaning we can get back in touch with the customer with efficiency. 4.0 stars

Party star has been a great marking tool for us at the Sporting Globe. 5.0 stars

Since starting with Partystar we have seen consistent enquiries and people are finding our venue easier. Photos on the website to show case our venue brilliantly. We will be continuing our relationship with Partystar for the foreseeable future. Thank you Partystar. 4.0 stars

Partystar has been the best source of The Arkaba Hotel gaining private functions over the last two years. The company will photograph the venue for free and have been very helpful with any questions I have had. I recommend the service to all businesses who need to increase their function sales. 5.0 stars

We have been using Party Star for a number of years now and they have never failed us, we get consistent and successful bookings from all inquiries. Party Star is highly recommended and we will definitely be using them for many years to come. 5.0 stars

"I have used Partystar as a regular source of function enquiries for years. The website provides thorough information and images to clients ensuring that the enquiries generated are quality leads. The customer service provided is also excellent." 4.0 stars

Strada Bar & Lounge has been advertising with Party Star for a number of years now, and we constantly receive leads for enquiries for our venue. The website allows a business to advertise all the necessary information for people to search and find the perfect venue… min/max numbers, pricing, equipment available for hire, dancefloor etc. We have been happy with the service as a whole. 4.0 stars

We have been a Partystar venue for 2 years. we cannot speak highly enough of the great service and results we have achieved in that time. 4.5 stars

Partystar has been a great tool to help us promote our newly refurbished function room. The amount of enquiries we had in the first few months alone was amazing. The team are professional and happy to help in any way, I would highly recommend listing a function space on Partystar. ***** 5 stars! 5.0 stars

Thanks Partystar for efficient work. Always quick to respond to any enquiries and very professional. Appreciate your advice and genuine concern for our business. Website is attractive and very user friendly providing enough information to facilitate a booking. Again thank you for your support and would definitely recommend Partystar as a form of advertising. 4.5 stars

we have been a partystar venue for 3 years. we cannot speak highly enough of the great service and results we have achieved in that time. 4.5 stars

Having a listing on is well worth the investment. We consistently receive well-paying referrals and I would highly recommend this advertising platform to anyone with a functions venue. 5 stars

Partystar endeavours to find your perfect venue every time! Promising accurate venue details and direct contact information to facilitate your function! 4.5 stars

I have been an avid customer of Partystar for years across multiple venues and we receive a majority of our event business from them. The staff are extremely prompt and professional in helping with any queries we may have and I find their fees usually pay for themselves. 5 star service. Thanks Partystar! 5 stars

The team at Partystar are a pleasure to deal with and have been very helpful with our venue listing. Partystar have been able to advertise our venue for functions to audiences that we would not have been able to reach with our other online listings. We now have had several successful functions as a result. Would recommend Partystar to any new business looking for new customers for their business. 4.5 stars

Tony le Pony has just completed it’s first year with Partystar and has happily re-signed for it’s second. Over this period due to the partnership of Partystar and "Word of Mouth" we have noticed a remarkable increase in our functions. Partystar offers a tremendousl starting point for people looking to hold a function and from a management perspective it’s wonderful already having a lot of potential customers questions already answered and customers keen when they make initial contact. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Partystar and would rate them 4/5 for service. 4 stars

Lezzet’s ongoing annual listing with PartyStar is totally results driven. Enquiries continue to increase annually with a high percentage resulting in bookings and successful, profitable events. The PartyStar website is well executed, with tangible information and offers, that translate into solid bookings. A happy partnership is one where input level is low, and results are high. 4.5 stars

We at the Union Hotel in Ascot Vale have been using the services of Partystar for a while now. Our Hotel had quite a few enquiries through their website and we were able to convert a lot of functions since we started the partnership. We recommend Partystar to other businesses that just like us are looking to increase their functions income. We would rate Partystar as an overall 4 stars out of 5. 4 stars

The Madison Hotel has utilised Partystar for the past three years. We believe this is a vital opponent in our venue's function marketing. We find the site user friendly, and would definitely recommend. 4.5 stars

To Whom It May Concern. The Commune Café in East Melbourne have used the services of Partystar for a period of over two years. We were originally recommended by another happy client of theirs , The Eltham Gateway and Function Centre.. During this time we have had the opportunity of quoting on average 2-3 genuine function leads per week. Being in the city presents significant competition ,however our success rate is such that we have again signed on for another 12 months. Our return on investment in Partystar initially gives us the opportunity to quote and be in the race to secure new business. Whether we succeed is really if we are a good fit with the clients needs re décor ,product offer and pricing. Partystar deliver and we rate their professionalism and opportunities that they present 4.5 stars out of 5. 4.5 stars

Partystar have been a terrific source of enquiries for our function centre since we began advertising with them, their website is easy to use and their customer service has been excellent. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services for other venues, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them. 4 stars

Since having my venue listed on Partstar, my events and functions at the venue have doubled in volume. Partstar has been absolutely fantastic. The service and bookings they have delivered has been great for my business. Would highly recommend Partystar to any other venue at there. 5 stars

We at the Birmingham Hotel in Fitzroy have been using the services of Partystar for about a year now and we are very happy with the results. Our Hotel had a great number of enquiries through their website and we were able to convert a good number of functions in this first year of partnership. We recommend Partystar to other businesses that just like us are looking to increase their functions income. We would rate Partystar as an overall 4 stars out of 5. 4 stars

I’ve been using Partystar as a referring source for our GPO functions for the past 4 years. We consistently receive leads and the cost we pay for our listings are easily made up up by the many functions we convert. 4.5 stars

Partystar works so well for our function enquiries, there webpage set-up is easy to read as well as visually engaging. Since joining with them we have had a significant increase in our overall function enquiries. 4 stars

I have been using the services of Party Star for the past year and have just re-signed. They have helped increase our business by providing quality functions enquires to the venue. We look forward to another successful year and working with party star to achieve this. 5 stars

We here at Black Bear Lodge have been using Partystar for about a year now and get regular functions from it. For a venue that doesn't do heaps of functions, it is great for us as we access a section of the public that would never normally think of our bar to have their party. To be honest, we wouldn't have ever thought to pay for a service like this but after our free trial, there was no way we were going to let go of this great service. Definitely recommend. 5 stars

We at the Metropolitan Hotel would just like to thank the team at Partystar for the services and listing they provide. The photographer they sent managed to capture our function space beautifully and it is shown on the site exactly how we would like our customers to see it! We have worked with partystar for years and received many function leads through the website, which in turn we have converted to a sales! 4.5 stars

partystar has been a great tool for us for getting new clietelle into our venue. This site has boosted our weekend evening trade, Thanks partystar. 4 stars

I have to give to them. Partystar works. We get a lot of enquiries through the site and enough of them convert into confirmed bookings to make it worthwhile. 5 stars

Party star have been fantastic in helping us book functions in our quietest times as well as our busiest. I would definitely recommend them to other businesses. 4 stars

I first came across the party star website and found it a great tool for advertising our events and special function happening at our venue, we managed to generate a lot of interest from people that we wouldn't normally capture. After the success of this we were given the opportunity to advertise our event spaces on the website. Julie was amazing at making the process really easy and stress free, she sent a photographer to shoot our spaces which looked incredible. We have generated a number of bookings for mainly social events such as 21st birthdays, engagements and weddings.
We have recently just purchased an additional 6 months on the site and are happy to be working with such a great website. I would highly recommend using this great tool for your events and function enquires.
4.5 stars

As an easy-to-use website, Partystar has proven to be a great success towards increasing our functions trade. The entire process is very simple for both the client and the business, and helps to optimise the quick response time to the client. 3.5 stars

We have been using Partystar for the last 3 years to complement our marketing campaign for function bookings. The reason we keep on signing back up to Partystar is that it delivers actual results every year. We track our business very closely and we can always count on events originating from a Partystar enquiry every month. We are a 21 year old business and our marketing budget is very targeted, but I can say that Partystar will be a part of it for the foreseeable future based on the performance we have seen so far. 3 stars

The White Bar has been involved with Partystar for a number of years. We have found them to be very professional and easy to deal with. The function enquiries received from Partystar are well qualified, which enables us a good percentage strike rate. We have no hesitation in recommending Partystar to other venues. 4 stars

I have had my cafe listed on the Partystar website for 3 years now and I have successfully hosted many functions courtesy of the great response from my listing. I would highly recommend the Partystar website to list and book functions in Melbourne along with the professionalism and support of the Partystar team. 4.5 stars

We have used Partystar since opening in 2010 to assist us to reach and showcase our venue to a greater online audience. The numerous weekly function leads that we receive from Partystar are customised to our clientele. Their efficient email system and client expectation checklist allow us to provide the client with an unforgettable event - Thanks Partystar! 5 stars

Since using Party Star to advertise our venue we have noticed a substantial increase of quality referrals. Party Star's professional approach and user friendly website are an asset to our marketing strategy - we highly recommend Party Star. 3.5 stars

As a business, we are thrilled to be listed with Partystar. Feel confident when using Partystar. Professionally run, with a user friendly website. Just a few clicks and you will find the perfect venue for your special event. As a testament to their great service, we have many happy customers. Thanks Partystar. 4.5 stars

Partystar and their services has been a huge asset to our business. They have provided exposure and access to a range of new clients who have not been to the venue before. The inquiries come through in real time and the administrative support and feedback provided by their team is great. As a niche and specialty venue we have been successful in building our client base and of the bookings that come through to us via the site, we have a 90% booking conversion rate. Of those functions we have since obtained regular return business and word of mouth advertising and bookings. Easy to use, effective to communicate with the staff and regular support and service is provided. I could not recommend the site more. We will be a continued supported and very happy customer. 5.0 stars

I would like to thank you and your business so much for completely transforming our business. We have operated for two and a half years now and jumped on board with Partystar in July 2012. We had been recieving at least 2 functions a month through your website immediately and are currently up to 3 to 4 a month now. As a result we have put on more staff, no longer open to the general public and are making a profit for the first time. Thanks again! Keep up the fantastic work! 5.0 stars

At Geddes Lounge we are proud to be partnered with Partystar, the range of venue enquiries from Corporate to Weddings that come from the site are a great help in connecting with potential clients. Many a successful event at our venue has started from a Partystar enquiry. 4.5 stars

Eve has been using advertising with PartyStar for the past 5 years We have found that a high percentage of leads generated via the site result in bookings. 4.5 stars

Partystar has made such a difference to our incoming enquiries and has certainly helped our venue make a name for ourselves in the competitive 21st birthday market! The revenue generated from the level of converted enquiries makes this a no brainer investment for the coming year! 5.0 stars

I get a large amount of bookings from my listing and highly recommend it to venues 4.5 stars

I get function enquiries all the time and the only hard part is trying to fit them in your bookings diary! 5.0 stars

The website has been a major factor in our function success, as the site has become one of the most visited resources for clients searching the web for function information. 5.0 stars

Over 50% of our enquiries come via this channel! 4.0 stars

On behalf of Hardimans I would like to congratulate the team on their web ite and the professional way in which they help venues like Hardimans increase their exposure in our target market. The help, advice and motivation received helped us establish our profile which has resulted in a significant increase in the number of qualified function enquires that Hardimans receives. 4.5 stars

The response we have had has been greater than the other more expensive sites we are connected with. 4.0 stars

We're getting 2-3 bookings per month. 4.5 stars

There are people mentioning your website for functions, which is great! 4.0 stars

Of all the online venue sites yours would generate the most business for us 5.0 stars

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