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Adding your venue

There's no charge to add your pub, bar or nightclub, and it will be online within 48 hours.

Firstly, check that the venue is not already listed. Search by suburb and street, in case we have left out part of the name.

We don't list venues with restaurant conditions attached to their licence, nor do we list function spaces/details here. If you want a function-specific listing and targeted function enquiries, see Function space listing.

To be eligible to be listed your venue must be within 20km of the CBD.

Email the following information to

  1. Venue name, address, telephone
  2. Venue website
  3. Venue email address
  4. Two interior photos (high resolution)
  5. One beer garden/courtyard photo (high resolution)
  6. Your name and position
  7. Your direct/mobile number
  8. Your direct email address
  9. An overview/description of your venue

Making changes to an existing venue

Email with your changes. If you are not emailing from an official venue domain name, please be sure to include your position and telephone number so that we may be able to verify your identity.

If your listing does not have photos, please send us:

  1. Two interior photos (high resolution)
  2. One beer garden/courtyard photo (high resolution)

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