Calton & United

Carlton & United (Fosters Brewing Group)

CUB, based in Victoria, is Australia's leading brewer, producing well over half the nation's beer. Its core brands, Victoria Bitter, Crown Lager, Foster's LightIce and Carlton Cold, are part of the Australian lifestyle, enjoyed by drinkers throughout the country. Over many years, CUB has maintained a leading position in the Australian beer market, demonstrating consistent excellence in manufacturing process, brand marketing and product innovation. CUB is the biggest profit contributor amongst the four key businesses that make up Fosters Brewing Group.

CUB also operates an entertainment business, Australian Leisure and Hospitality (ALH), in Australia's high-growth leisure and recreation sector. ALH owns and operates first-class leisure and entertainment venues in key locations around Australia. Its venues offer a total leisure and entertainment experience for the consumer, including sports bars, bistros, restaurants, electronic gaming, wagering and various other forms of entertainment all in one convenient location.

Tooheys Victoria

Tooheys Victoria (Lion Nathan Australia)

Traditionally from Sydney, Tooheys Brewing was established in Victoria in 1992. Tooheys is an independent brewery under the Lion Nathan umbrella, together with Castlemaine Perkins, Swan Brewery and The South Australian Brewing Company.

Lion Nathan Australia is a substantial, internationally focused brewing group with its principal business being brewed in Australia, New Zealand and China. In Australia, Lion Nathan operates four breweries and has a number of leading brands including Tooheys New, Hahn, XXXX, James Squire, West End, Southwark, Swan and Emu, which are enjoyed by beer drinkers across Australia.

Lion Nathan has shown strong performance from its Australian brewing operations through branding, innovation, customer service and leadership talent. As Lion Nathan's aim is to have more people drinking and enjoying the taste of beer on more and more occasions - responsibly - they have developed extensive beer education programs emphasising the health benefits of moderate beer consumption, and the perfect marriage of beer and food.

J. Boag & Son

J. Boag & Son

In 1881 the Esk Brewery was established on the banks of the Esk River in Launceston. When James Boag I and his son, James Boag II, took over the Esk Brewery, it was said to be the most complete in Tasmania. The name Esk Brewery was retained although Boag's Brewery became a frequent reference.

Under the leadership of James Boag and his son the brewery quickly established a reputation for brewing the highest quality beers.

Today J. Boag & Son is a company with a single, focussed vision to be Australia's Premium Brewer. It is our driving force and directs all of our behaviour, be it in the sourcing of only the very best quality ingredients, in the brewing and packaging of our beers with immense care and pride, through to marketing and selling our beers to customers whom we value and respect.

J. Boag & Son has survived as one of only four remaining major breweries in Australia with more than a century's brewing history, because of this single-minded dedication to brewing and selling quality beers to Australians



Established in 1824, Tasmania's Cascade Brewery is the oldest continuously operating brewery in Australia, producing fine beers, ales and stouts. In the adjacent Cascade Beverages plant, soft drinks, fruit juices and ciders are produced. CUB's partnership with Cascade began in 1992 as a joint venture arrangement, with CUB acquiring the joint venture in 1994. Cascade employs more than 130 people and production capacity in the brewery stands at 45 million litres per year.



Owned and run by fourth and fifth-generation members of the Coopers family, Coopers is Australia's only remaining family-owned brewery. The brewery was founded in Adelaide, South Australia in 1862 by Thomas Cooper. Thomas never meant to start a brewing business, frankly, because his business was stone masonry. But his wife asked him to brew up a batch of stout from an old family recipe to help cure an illness. From all accounts it was one heck of a brew.

Word quickly went around. Soon he found himself brewing Coopers Sparkling Ale and Extra Stout for a growing band of loyal customers. As his brewery flourished, Thomas delivered by horse and cart direct to the homes of his customers, a Coopers tradition which survived until the 1920's. Thomas Cooper died in 1897 and his sons John, Christopher, Samuel and Stanley enthusiastically volunteered to continue the family tradition.

Micro Breweries

3 Ravens

3 Ravens

With commercial operations established in early 2003, 3 Ravens brews at a 300L batch scale and specializes in cask conditioned real ale that is top-fermented, naturally carbonated, unfiltered, and unpasteurised.

The product range is currently available at the Lambsgo Bar in Fitzroy.

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