The 3 best function tips ever

The 3 best function tips ever? The ones that avoid catastrophe.

We've been online for over 10 years. We always survey our users after their party, to ask how things went. So we've got a pretty good picture of what goes wrong, and what you can do to reduce that risk.

1. Pay with a credit card
If the venue closes down suddenly, you've lost your dough. These things often happen overnight. With credit cards you can contact the bank and file a chargeback to get your money back. Pay your deposit on the credit card as well. If the venue insists on cash, walk away.

2. Get it in writing
Whatever you've agreed on verbally, get it into an email, or written onto a booking form. This includes the venue promising to make something available on the night. If you have something in writing, we can help you in a dispute later.

3. Use Partystar to initiate contact with a venue
It's free, and it gives you an extra level of protection. If you run into a problem with the venue, we will always try to help. We have a lot of success in instances where the price goes up overnight. Venues can't afford stuff our users around, because if they do, then we won't do business with them anymore. Use the contact form, that way your enquiry gets logged with us.

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