The following light beers are available in Melbourne, with tasting notes as published by the brewery. This list is intended as a general guide only, and may not feature all beers available. Also, some breweries may simply act as distributors for smaller breweries.

For more detailed information on the breweries, click on the Breweries link on the left hand side menubar.

Calton & United

Cascade Premium Light (2.7%)

Cascade Premium Light

Choicest Tasmanian barley and hops combined with Cascade's unique yeast strain give this light beer a smooth but full mid palate. The dense foam in the head enhances the tantalising spicy hop aroma leaving the palate clean and refreshed.

Foster's LightIce (2.3%)

Foster's LightIce

A unique brewing process has enabled the flavour barrier for light beer to be broken. This has been achieved by new brewing techniques, which retain full flavour, and include the use of ultra high gravity brewing and chill filtering. A smooth, full-flavoured, easy-drinking and extremely refreshing beer.

Tooheys Victoria

Hahn Premium Light (2.7%)

Hahn Premium Light

Launched in 1998 and brewed using the finest Australian malted barley and aroma hops, Hahn Premium Light is an extremely light beer with a clean,dry finish.

Tooheys Blue (2.3%)

Tooheys Blue

Launched in 1990 and brewed by an original method which balances the unique flavour and colour of crystal malt with the subtle bitterness of selected hops. The colour is dark, the head is persistent and texture creamy.

J. Boag & Son

James Boag's Premium Light (2.9%)

James Boag's Premium Light

Launched in October 2001 as the light beer version of James Boag's Premium. It is a full flavoured light beer with a smooth, pleasant bitterness. The aroma is clean and fresh with a malty, fruity character similar to that of its full strength counterpart, James Boag's Premium. The flavour balance provides an easy-drinking refreshing beer style with a pale golden colour and excellent head retention and lacing.


Light (2.9%)

Coopers Light

Coopers Light is a low alcohol beer which displays plenty of character without having to resort to flavour additives. The strong, all-malt style belies its low alcohol content.


Piss Weak (2.5%)

Piss Weak

Available in clear 330ml bottles, Piss Weak uses aromatic hops to create a full bodied flavour. Contract brewed through Geelong Brewing, it was developed and marketed towards the clientele at the Great Britain Hotel in Richmond.

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