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Register your function booking with Partystar and get free protection against booking hassles.

Note that Terms and Conditions apply, see below for more information.

Why are we offering this?

Through your feedback over the years we have ensured that the venues on Partystar are reputable and honest, so we're backing them with a Guarantee. If venues let our customers down, we remove them from Partystar.

How it works

Enquire for your party with Partystar. Partystar will now compensate you as indicated below. Terms and conditions apply, see below for more information.

What's compensated?

Partystar will compensate you with an email gift voucher should any of the below arise:

What Definition $
Wrong price
(Price honoured)
You are quoted a higher hire charge or minimum spend than advertised on Partystar.
The venue honours the incorrect price.
Wrong price
(Price not honoured)
You are quoted a higher hire charge or minimum spend than advertised on Partystar.
The venue does not honour the incorrect price.
Facilities not honoured On the night of your party, any one of the following facilities was booked but not made available: Exclusive Bar, iPod input, Speakers, Data Projector, TV 100
Booking cancelled Your confirmed booking is cancelled by the venue within 30 days of your party. 200

Terms and Conditions

From time to time, Partystar may change these Terms and Conditions.

These terms and Conditions are effective 12 June 2015 and supersede all previous Terms and Conditions.

Who is eligible to register?

You must contact the venue through the Partystar website and have evidence of a confirmed booking.

How do you register?

You will be emailed a registration link after you contact a venue through the Partystar website.

What is a confirmed booking?

A written booking with a specified date and time.

How do you make a claim?

Visit the Contact Us page on the Partystar website to lodge your claim. We will investigate your claim and compensate you if we find the venue at fault. As part of our investigation we may ask you to provide further evidence supporting your claim.

How long will it take to deterime the result of a claim?

As we investigate all claims thoroughly it may take up to 30 days to determine the outcome of your claim.

How will I be compensated?

Compensation is issued in the form of a GiftPay voucher sent via email. It is not transferable or redeemable for cash. GiftPay vouchers offer a choice of well-known big brand stores and also music download services.

Required proof to lodge a claim

Wrong price

A copy of an email from the venue quoting a higher price and/or stating the published price will not be honoured. If you were called by the venue and told over the phone, ask for it in an email.

Facilities not honoured

(1) The function space booked shows the facilities not made available as being part of that function space on Partystar
(2) An email or a copy (or photo) of a booking confirmation form stating the facilities booked

Booking cancelled

(1) a copy (or photo) of a booking confirmation form showing the date and time of your function as well as your signature
(2) a copy (or photo) of a deposit receipt showing the date and time of your function


You will not be eligible for compensation if any of these apply:
- You did not enquire to the venue through Partytar
- You do not have your Partystar email receipt of enquiry
- The venue has closed down
- The venue is in administration/liquidation/receivership
- The venue has offered you compensation and you have accepted this compensation
- The venue is no longer listed on Partystar
- The venue listing does not feature the Partystar Guaranteed Logo

Partystar will not be responsible for consequential loss of any kind.

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