Partystar. Function venues made easy.

Partystar allows you to compare function venues in a clear and simple format, with information that is accurate and up to date. We ensure that your enquiry is handled promptly and your party proceeds smoothly.

Since 2006, people have entrusted us with over 100,000 party enquiries.

What makes Partystar special?

We don't charge venues commission on your booking. This is incredibly important, as it means we are fully independent, and not tied to big venues. You benefit from access to unique and little-known venues.

We invite your feedback before and after your party, and if we see any pattern of complaints with a venue, they're off. You come first. You're organising the party of a lifetime here, and we want it to be perfect.

We take all our own photos, and we spend many, many hours getting those photos just right.

Our prices are accurate. We double and triple-check everything is correct. In the rare instance that a venue raises their price without telling us, we guarantee we'll get you the published price, or we'll give you $50 for the inconvenience. Learn more about our guarantee.


Partystar has experience in the pub, bar and nightclub industry since 2000. Over this time we have been innovative whilst building good relationships with venues. Here is how we started out:

07/00 launches as a comprehensive list of pubs, bars and nightclubs - the first of its kind.
05/02 is now offered in 8 languages.
11/04 launches its beer garden directory - the first of its kind.
11/06 launches its Christmas Parties Directory - the first of its kind.
12/06 launches its NYE Parties Directory - the first of its kind.
01/07 receives over 1.2mil visits in 2006.
04/07 launches its Function Venues Directory - the first of its kind.
05/08 is launched, featuring information on the Melbourne lockout.
09/08 Hitwise ranks as No. 6 in the Australian Entertainment - Nightlife category (Apr-Jun 2008)
02/09 launches its Nightclub Guestlists Directory - the first of its kind.
06/10 rebrands its Function Venues Directory as Partystar.
10/10 Partystar launches its interstate directories.
10/11 Partystar launches its Function Venues Tips guide - the first of its kind in Australia.
11/11 Partystar launches its national Nightclub Guestlists Directory.
11/11 Partystar launches its national NYE Parties Directory.
01/12 rebrands as Venuestar and launches its directories nationally.
04/13 Partystar offers a guarantee against booking hassles - the first of its kind in Australia.
06/15 Partystar extends its guarantee to include incorrect pricing - the first of its kind in Australia.


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32/289 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Sales: (02) 8014 5638
(No function enquiries)


2/430 Little Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Sales: (03) 9111 0117
Personal service option


2004/347 Ann Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Sales: (07) 3077 7204
(No function enquiries)


6/663 Newcastle Street
Leederville WA 6007

Sales: (08) 6230 2670
(No function enquiries)