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Suburb Street Name Type
Melbourne     25 Collins Street Atrium on Thirty-Five (Sofitel) B Reviewed
Melbourne   240 Little Collins Street BOB B Reviewed  
Melbourne   394 Collins Street Bank on Collins, The B Reviewed
Docklands   727 Collins Street Bar Nacional B    
Melbourne   579 Little Collins Street Bottom End, The PBC Reviewed  m 
Melbourne   290 Collins Street Charles Dickens Tavern P Reviewed
Melbourne     68 Little Collins Street Cherry BC Reviewed    m 
Melbourne   322 Little Collins Street Chuckle Park B Reviewed  o 
Melbourne   433 Little Collins Street Dikstein's Corner Bar B Reviewed
Melbourne   162 Collins Street George on Collins, The     [View Function Room] B Reviewed
Melbourne   267 Little Collins Street Glamp B Reviewed
Melbourne   427 Little Collins Street Irish Times P Reviewed  m 
Melbourne   422 Little Collins Street Little Red Pocket BC Reviewed
Melbourne   212 Little Collins Street Luwow B Reviewed
Melbourne     62 Little Collins Street Magic Mountain Saloon B Reviewed
Melbourne   425 Collins Street Ms Collins B Reviewed
Melbourne   401 Collins Street Natural History Public Bar     [View Function Room] B Reviewed
Melbourne   267 Little Collins Street Polepole     [View Function Room] B Reviewed
Melbourne   123 Collins Street RU-CO (Hyatt) B Reviewed  o 
Melbourne   582 Little Collins Street Saint & Rogue     [View Function Room] P Reviewed
Melbourne   415 Collins Street Sherlock Holmes Inn P Reviewed
Melbourne   123 Collins Street Spice Market (Hyatt)     [View Function Room] B Reviewed
Melbourne   215 Little Collins Street Victoria Hotel, The     [View Function Room] P Reviewed

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