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There is something a bit spesh about a hotel bar, especially if it's a nice one and you have the option of getting in the elevator and going to bed amidst plump pillows and white robes. Somehow the local hostel isn't quite the same...

Ru-Co is a nice one, believe us. It offers signature cocktails, an impressive wine list and excellent share plates.

Outdoor Area / Beer Garden

Courtyard with alfresco seating

Julie Whiting

Readers' Reviews

Really dark and sophisticated, lots of leather arm chairs, delicate amazing lights and talented bar staff. An amazing wine list and selection of Martinis with a very reasonably priced snack menu. The feel is sexy, warm, special and not loud!

Angelina, Melbourne, 03/09

A really sexy deep red dark bar with amazing artwork and a huge wine wall. There is a private room for 20 people and a fireplace and courtyard. Although the bar is seriously impressive the wine and spirit list is even more amazing offering the lead in range and absolutely finest, some whiskies I have not been able to find in Australia are here! Even though it is in a hotel don't let this put you off it is stunning.

Gregory, Collingwood, 11/08

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L50 120 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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