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Suburb Street Name Type
Sydney   555 George Street 3 Wise Monkeys P Reviewed
Sydney   100 Market Street 360 Bar and Dining B Reviewed  
Sydney   561 George Street 80 Proof     [View Function Room] B Reviewed
Sydney   531 George Street Albion Place Hotel     [View Function Room] P Reviewed  
Sydney     22 The Promenade All Hands Brewing House B Reviewed  
Sydney     19 Martin Place Ambar Cafe and Bar B Reviewed  
Sydney   125 Pitt Street Angel Hotel P Reviewed  
Sydney   275 Pitt Street ArtHouse Hotel     [View Function Room] P Reviewed
Sydney       1 Ash Street Ash Street Cellar B Reviewed  
Sydney   185 Elizabeth Street Bambini Trust Wine Room B Reviewed  
Sydney     52 Phillip Street Bar Luca B Reviewed    o 
Sydney     58 Elizabeth Street Barrio Cellar B Reviewed
Sydney     44 George Street Bavarian World Square, The P Reviewed    o 
Sydney     24 York Street Bavarian York Street, The P Reviewed  
Sydney   152 Clarence Street Baxter Inn, The B Reviewed
Sydney       9 9 Lime Street Beer DeLuxe P Reviewed  
Sydney   482 Kent Street Belvedere Hotel P Reviewed  
Sydney       1 Wheat Road Blackbird B Reviewed  
Sydney   176 Cumberland Street Blu Bar on 36 (Shangri-La) B Reviewed  
Sydney     77 Oxford Street Brighton Hotel P Reviewed    m 
Sydney     81 Sussex Street Bristol Arms, The P Reviewed    o 
Sydney     10 Bulletin Place Bulletin Place B Reviewed  
Sydney       3 Lime Street Bungalow 8 B Reviewed    o 
Sydney     31 Alfred Street Cafe Sydney B Reviewed  
Sydney     52 The Promenade Cargo Bar B Reviewed  
Sydney   428 Pitt Street Chamberlain Hotel P Reviewed  
Sydney   631 George Street Charlie Chan's P Reviewed  
Sydney   388 Pitt Street Civic Hotel P  
Sydney     10 Darling Drive Cohibar B    
Sydney     33 York Street Concourse Bar B    
Sydney   114 Princes Highway Crest Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Sydney   260 Pitt Street Criterion Hotel P    
Sydney   160 Elizabeth Street Crown Hotel P    
Sydney   789 George Street Crystal Palace Hotel P    
Sydney     17 Macquarie Place Customs House Bar (Marriott) B    
Sydney   330 George Street Den, The B    
Sydney       2 Darling Drive Docks Hotel P    
Sydney   161 Sussex Street Dundee Arms P    
Sydney     61 Macquarie Street ECQ Bar (Quay Grand Suites) B    
Sydney   294 Pitt Street Edinburgh Castle Hotel P    
Sydney   252 George Street Establishment B    
Sydney     27 O'Connell Street Fax Bar (Radisson Blu) B Reviewed  
Sydney   111 Elizabeth Street Fix St. James B    
Sydney       2 Bligh Street Flynn, The     [View Function Room] P Reviewed
Sydney   275 Kent Street Flyover B    
Sydney     50 Hunter Street Frankie's Pizza by the Slice B Reviewed  
Sydney       1 Martin Place GPO Sydney B    
Sydney   252 George Street Gin Garden B    
Sydney     89 Kent Street Globe Bar (Observatory Hotel) B    
Sydney     55 Liverpool Street Goodgod C    
Sydney     77 York Street Grace Hotel P    
Sydney     30 Hunter Street Grand Hotel P    
Sydney       1 Temperance Lane Grasshopper B    
Sydney   717 George Street Great Southern Hotel P    
Sydney       2 Macquarie Street Guillaume at Bennelong B    
Sydney   169 Oxford Street Gypsy Nightclub C    
Sydney     40 Wentworth Avenue Harpoon Harry     [View Function Room] B  
Sydney   661 George Street Haymarket Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Sydney       1 Wheat Road Helm Bar     [View Function Room] B Reviewed  m 
Sydney   252 George Street Hemmesphere B    
Sydney   101 Wheat Road Home Sydney     [View Function Room] C    
Sydney     52 King Street Hotel CBD P    
Sydney       7 Park Street Hotel Coronation (Park St Bar, Mezz Bar) P    
Sydney   249 Castlereagh Street Hotel Downing B  
Sydney   236 Clarence Street Hotel Sweeneys P    
Sydney   320 George Street Ivy B    
Sydney   176 George Street Jacksons On George B    
Sydney     16 Phillip Lane Kittyhawk     [View Function Room] B    
Sydney       6 Castlereagh Street Le Chifley B    
Sydney     81 Goulburn Street Maloney's Hotel P Reviewed
Sydney   488 George Street Marble Bar (Hilton) B    
Sydney       1 Bridge Street Metropolitan Hotel     [View Function Room] P      o 
Sydney   225 George Street Morrison, The B    
Sydney   396 Pitt Street Mr B's Hotel (Tao Ultra Lounge)     [View Function Room] P    
Sydney     35 Lime Street Nick's Bar and Grill B    
Sydney   229 Macquarie Street Nippon Club P    
Sydney   264 George Street O Bar B    
Sydney     43 York Street Occidental Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Sydney   250 Kent Street Office Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Sydney     55 George Street Old Sydney Holiday Inn P    
Sydney     66 King Street PJ Gallagher's Irish Pub P    
Sydney     57 King Street PJ O'Brien's     [View Function Room] P    
Sydney       1 Loftus Street Paragon Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Sydney   580 George Street Pavilion Hotel P    
Sydney   201 Sussex Street Pontoon B    
Sydney     14 Kendall Lane Pony Lounge and Dining B    
Sydney     31 Alfred Street Quay Bar B    
Sydney   137 Elizabeth Street Queens Club C    
Sydney     60 Park Street Ramblin' Rascal Tavern B    
Sydney   201 Clarence Street Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe     [View Function Room] P    
Sydney     69 Pitt Street Republic Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Sydney     81 Sussex Street Retro Hotel C Reviewed  
Sydney   320 George Street Royal George, The B    
Sydney   264 George Street Ryan's Bar P    
Sydney   545 Kent Street Sanctuary Hotel     [View Function Room] P Reviewed
Sydney   469 Kent Street Scary Canary (Base Backpackers) B    
Sydney     43 Goulburn Street Scruffy Murphy's Hotel P    
Sydney     23 Rawson Place Scubar B    
Sydney     28 Albion Street Sebel, The (Townhouse Bar, Albies Bar) B    
Sydney   127 Liverpool Street Shark Hotel     [View Function Room] P  
Sydney   200 Sussex Street Shelbourne Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Sydney       1 Pitt Street Ship Inn Hotel P    
Sydney   557 George Street Sir John Young Hotel P    
Sydney   111 Sussex Street Slip Inn (Chinese Laundry) B    
Sydney     48 Erskine Street Small Bar     [View Function Room] B Reviewed  
Sydney     88 Liverpool Street Spanish Club P    
Sydney     10 Bligh Street Spice Temple B    
Sydney   114 Castlereagh Street St James Hotel P Reviewed
Sydney   600 George Street Star Bar     [View Function Room] B Reviewed
Sydney     49 Market Street Statement Bar and Lounge (State Theatre) B    
Sydney     61 York Street Stitch Bar B  
Sydney   161 King Street Subsolo B    
Sydney   320 George Street Sushi Choo B    
Sydney     20 Sussex Street Sussex Hotel, The P    
Sydney       1 Tankstream Way Tank Stream Bar B    
Sydney   101 Wheat Road Tokio Hotel P    
Sydney       4 Goulburn Street Trades Hall Inn P    
Sydney   198 Elizabeth Street Triple Ace Hotel P    
Sydney     46 King Street Trumps Tavern P    
Sydney   111 Liverpool Street V Bar B  
Sydney     55 Elizabeth Street Verandah     [View Function Room] B    
Sydney     60 Castlereagh Street Verandah Bar and Bistro P    
Sydney       1 Shelley Street Vessel     [View Function Room] B    
Sydney   198 Harbourside Watershed Hotel P    
Sydney     48 Park Street Windsor On Park, The P    
Sydney   107 Clarence Street Wynyard Hotel P    
Sydney   488 George Street Zeta Bar (Hilton) B    
Sydney   359 Pitt Street iDarts Zen B Reviewed

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