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Suburb Street Name Type
Surry Hills   280 Cleveland Street 505 B Reviewed
Surry Hills   324 Elizabeth Street Aurora Hotel     [View Function Room] P Reviewed  
Surry Hills   354 Bourke Street Beresford Hotel P Reviewed    o 
Surry Hills     65 Foveaux Street Button Bar B Reviewed
Surry Hills   277 Goulburn Street Cafe Lounge B Reviewed
Surry Hills   563 Bourke Street Carrington, The     [View Function Room] P Reviewed
Surry Hills   470 Crown St Clock Hotel P  
Surry Hills   106 Fitzroy Street Cricketers Arms Hotel, The     [View Function Room] P    
Surry Hills   589 Crown Street Crown Hotel (Players)     [View Function Room] P    
Surry Hills   412 Crown Street Dolphin On Crown Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Surry Hills   589 Crown Street Dome P    
Surry Hills   156 Devonshire Street Dove and Olive     [View Function Room] P    
Surry Hills   360 Elizabeth Street Evening Star Hotel P    
Surry Hills     64 Foveaux Street Excelsior Hotel P    
Surry Hills   544 Bourke Street Fico B    
Surry Hills   336 Riley Street Forresters Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Surry Hills     64 Devonshire Street GT's Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Surry Hills     18 Belvoir Street Hal Bar B    
Surry Hills   381 Crown Street Horse Surry Hills, The     [View Function Room] P    
Surry Hills       2 Foster Street Hotel Hollywood P    
Surry Hills     26 Foveaux Street KB Hotel P    
Surry Hills     52 Devonshire Street Madison Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Surry Hills   397 Crown Street Mille Vini B Reviewed
Surry Hills   233 Riley Street Porterhouse Hotel P    
Surry Hills   140 Commonwealth Street Royal Albert Hotel P    
Surry Hills     86 Chalmers Street Royal Exhibition Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Surry Hills   200 Devonshire Street Shakespeare Hotel P    
Surry Hills     70 Campbell Street Soultrap     [View Function Room] B    
Surry Hills   453 Elizabeth Street Strawberry Hills Hotel P    
Surry Hills     84 Mary Street Tailors on Central B    
Surry Hills   490 Crown Street Toko (Tokonama) B    
Surry Hills   505 Crown Street Trinity Bar and Bistro B    
Surry Hills   198 Elizabeth Street Triple Ace Bar B    
Surry Hills   421 Cleveland Street Vasco B Reviewed    m 
Surry Hills   118 Devonshire Street Vini B    
Surry Hills   285 Crown Street Winery, The B    
Surry Hills   417 Crown Street Yulli's B    

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