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31 Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs on Sydney Road

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Suburb Street Name Type
Brunswick   382 Sydney Road Albert and Sydney B Reviewed
Brunswick   280 Sydney Road Amelia Shaw B Reviewed
Brunswick   408 Sydney Road Bar Etiquette B Reviewed    o 
Brunswick   653 Sydney Road Bar Oussou     [View Function Room] B Reviewed  o 
Brunswick   303 Sydney Road Beach of Brunswick BC    
Brunswick   601 Sydney Road Biff Tannins B Reviewed  
Coburg   502 Sydney Road Browns Corner Hotel P Reviewed    o 
Brunswick   203 Sydney Road Brunswick Club P  
Brunswick   313 Sydney Road Brunswick Green, The B Reviewed    o 
Brunswick   140 Sydney Road Brunswick Hotel P Reviewed    o   m 
Brunswick   400 Sydney Road Brunswick Mess Hall, The P Reviewed
Brunswick   163 Sydney Road Cornish Arms Hotel     [View Function Room] P Reviewed  o 
Coburg   613 Sydney Road Drums Hotel P    
Brunswick   430 Sydney Road Duke of Edinburgh P Reviewed
Brunswick   681 Sydney Road Edinburgh Castle P Reviewed  o   m 
Hadfield 1141 Sydney Road First and Last Hotel P Reviewed
Brunswick   284 Sydney Road Joey Smalls B Reviewed
Brunswick   676 Sydney Road Maxines B Reviewed
Fawkner 1435 Sydney Road Meadow Inn Hotel P Reviewed  
Brunswick   882 Sydney Road Moreland Hotel P Reviewed  
Brunswick   146 Sydney Road Mule Bar B Reviewed  
Fawkner 1359 Sydney Road MusicLand B Reviewed  m 
Brunswick   791 Sydney Road My Aeon C Reviewed  
Brunswick   420 Sydney Road Penny Black B Reviewed  o   m 
Brunswick   133 Sydney Road Phoenix, The     [View Function Room] B    
Coburg   231 Sydney Road Post Office Hotel P Reviewed  o 
Brunswick   859 Sydney Road Red Betty B Reviewed    m 
Brunswick   280 Sydney Road Retreat Hotel P Reviewed    o 
Brunswick   314 Sydney Road Spotted Mallard B    m 
Campbellfield 1631 Sydney Road Sylvania Hotel P Reviewed    o 
Coburg     96 Sydney Road Woodlands Hotel     [View Function Room] P Reviewed  o 

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