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Suburb Street Name Type
Richmond     94 Swan Street Bar 9T4     [View Function Room] B Reviewed  o   m 
Melbourne       2 Swanston Street Beer DeLuxe (Federation Square) B Reviewed  o 
Melbourne   701 Swanston Street Blues Bar B Reviewed
Richmond   293 Swan Street Central Club Hotel P Reviewed  
Melbourne   195 Swanston Street Cocoon B  
Carlton   514 Swanston Street Comrades Bar B Reviewed
Melbourne   252 Swanston Street Cookie P Reviewed  
Richmond     57 Swan Street Corner Hotel P Reviewed  o   m 
Richmond   216 Swan Street Fargo and Co B    
Melbourne   264 Swanston Street Goldilocks B Reviewed    o 
Richmond     36 Swan Street HolliAva B Reviewed  o 
Melbourne   243 Swanston Street Lounge BC Reviewed
Melbourne   125 Swanston Street Max Watt's B Reviewed    m 
Melbourne   252 Swanston Street Mesa Verde B Reviewed  
Richmond   141 Swan Street Mumbler B    
Melbourne   427 Swanston Street Oxford Scholar, The     [View Function Room] P Reviewed
Richmond     90 Swan Street Post Office Hotel B    
Richmond     60 Swan Street Precinct Hotel, The P Reviewed  o 
Carlton   593 Swanston Street Queensberry Hotel P Reviewed  o 
Melbourne   401 Swanston Street RedLove BC Reviewed
Richmond   100 Swan Street Richmond Club Hotel P Reviewed  o 
Richmond   395 Swan Street Rising Sun Hotel     [View Function Room] P Reviewed  o 
Melbourne       2 Swanston Street Riverland (Federation Wharf) B Reviewed  o 
Melbourne   252 Swanston Street Rooftop Bar B Reviewed  o 
Richmond     69 Swan Street Sneak     [View Function Room] B Reviewed
Melbourne     44 Swanston Street Three Below (City Square) B Reviewed    o 
Richmond   327 Swan Street Tiki B Reviewed
Melbourne   252 Swanston Street Toff in Town, The B Reviewed  
Melbourne       2 Swanston Street Transit Rooftop Bar (Federation Square) B    o 
Melbourne       2 Swanston Street Transport Public Bar (Federation Square)     [View Function Room] PB Reviewed  o 
Richmond   270 Swan Street Union House B      o 
Richmond   157 Swan Street Vaucluse Hotel P Reviewed
Richmond   105 Swan Street Wild Oscar's B Reviewed  
Melbourne       1 Swanston Street Young and Jackson     [View Function Room] P Reviewed  o 

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