Prince Bandroom

29 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda
Tel. 9536 1111

Venue type: Pub, Bar, Club

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Partystar Review

The Prince of Wales is a St Kilda icon that is definitely worth a visit if you've never properly experienced St Kilda before. The building is a grand art-deco style and inside you will discover every element imaginable. There are two downstairs bars; the main bar consisting of two pool tables, a few bar stools haphazardly situated around the place and huge open windows to gaze out of. This is an extremely popular pub - perfect for meeting up with friends and having a drink. Spend a lazy weekend afternoon at the Prince of Wales - grab an outside table and watch the world go by over a few beers. The bar next door is more intimate with a gay friendly influence. Wander up the well worn wooden staircase and you will discover a huge room with two more bars, a lower level dance floor and a crowd of people that love having a good time.

There is always something going down at the Price of Wales on any night of the week, but you will find weekends are busiest. Expect backpackers everywhere.

Live Music Venue

The POW is a prime music venue with acts performing virtually every night of the week. It houses many famous DJs and local and international acts. Check the huge blackboard outside for gig listings.

Lush Green

Second Opinion

The Prince of Wales is a major icon, and the downstairs, main bar is definitely the place to head down to at one point during a visit to St Kilda. The vibe is cruisy and easy going, with jugs on tables a common sight. It's mostly standing room only, and bar service is quick - there are usually ample staff on hand to serve. The windows provide a great view of the main St Kilda drag, too.

Mark Davies

Readers' Reviews

Normally a very friendly place, with cheap drinks on a Monday and drag shows (in the back dance bar open Monday nights only) that have been part of the venue for years. A great place to hang out during the summer if you can get in as it gets quite crowded. In winter its a bit quiteer with only the die hard patrons and odd backpackers throwing back a beer or two. Security are not always so friendly as there are more and more reports of nock backs with un-validated excuses such as sober people being refused entry for being to drunk (have experienced this once myself). However once inside quite a fun night can be had with a mixed crowd any night of the week.

Alan, Williamstown, 07/11

Awesome aussie Pub throughout. Its got a great atmosphere to it and there always seems to be a friendly local that will always say 'G'day.' Great and friendly service with some of the most attractive bar girls i've ever seen! Even the Bouncers that worked there managed to put a smile on your face. Its got pool tables, a jukebox with plenty of rock n roll tunes and a pretty well ranged bar. The otherside of the pub had an open fire place which was perfect for those wet cold days. I recommend this place to anyone. Time always seemed to stop still drinking there. Best in St.Kilda by far.

Justin, Diggers Rest, 06/10

Readers' Reviews

This is a great venue.. awesome crowd and have pool tables and a jukebox also.. the service can be slow at times though but its mostly quite a good hangout with a pretty chilled out and relaxed crowd..

Josh, St Kilda, 02/09

Prince of Wales is a paradise for all. The pub is huge, allowing you to wander around and discover new areas of the pub/club each time you go. There is a small room behind the disc jockeys stage that is completely sound proof to the main dance arena that provides a more intimate dance area with some cranking beats, where you have no choice but to introduce yourself to the hot Melbourne guy that is basically dancing on you because the room is so packed. To top it of, Prince has created a tricky bathroom situation where the womans and the men bathrooms are separate, however are still friendly to a unisex situation. The way they have designed the bathroom entrance has resulted in this outcome. You have to go to understand.

Kelly, Woodville, SA, 03/06

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