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Traditional pub with an independent feel that is getting harder to find these days. A large and somewhat untouched front public bar and TAB area segregates well from a more laid back and cosier back bar, called the Uni Bar. The Nott is on sizeable corner block and a bistro and separate function room is available as well.

Go on any night other than a Thursday and The Nott appears to be a somewhat regular local. Turn up on a Thursday and you could well be in the middle of a crush of students - hundreds of them. If you're looking for the party, you'll have found it.

Outdoor Area / Beer Garden

A wonderfully large beer garden with many tables impresses.

Mark Davies

Readers' Reviews

In a city overtaken by pokies joints posing as pubs, the Nott stands as a beacon of light. Want beer, good atmosphere, all the big games live and NO POKIES? The Nott is for you.

The Nott boasts the longest serving publican in Melbourne and there are many legends surrounding this great lady. One legend says that a pokies company actually delivered some machines 'on spec' one day and our hero chased them away in no uncertain terms. What a champ.

You feel good sidling up to the bar to order your beer at the Nott. The money is not going to some blood sucking multinational, it is going back into keeping the best pub around open. Oh yeah, get a meal in the beer garden, wehre you can still fill a separate bowl chock full of salad from the old fashioned salad bar for no extra cost... gold.

Matt, Camberwell, 03/08

Readers' Reviews

'The Nott' is one of a kind. Non-commercialised unlike the other pubs and clubs these days, the Nott has a warm, welcoming feel to it.

The Nott attracts a large variation of people to its 4-5 different sections that make up the hotel.
- The Public bar has a TAB, which tends to attract the 'tradies' more than anyone.
- The Saloon which is a fantastic venue for functions.
- The Bistro which has some of the best meals you will find at a vary affordable price.
- The Uni Bar, which attracts the younger crowd, especially of a Thursday night.
- One of the best beer gardens you will find. In the summer, an all night session in the beer garden is most recommended.
- A bottle shop and a drive thru are also fantastic features of this pub.

The best thing about the Nott is not only the people that go there, but just how relaxed it is. Unlike other venues, you don't have to worry about lines or cover charges, and the price of the beer is quite amazing.

Make sure you check this wonderful hotel out next time you're in the area.

Recommended times of visits : Thursday nights for the uni crowd, or Friday afternoons for the knock-off time of the local industries.

John Funder, Mulgrave, 07/03

Warm, atmospheric, communal little pub that typifies the rare bird that is a good ol'fashioned countryesque pub. Large and varied in its decor, you can sit back on the plush seating in the warm, wood fire bar up the end with a few locals, listening to the local guitarist cover some tunes or crow along to the footy in the background.

Feeling a bit more youngish and sprite? Head out to the infamous beer garden where the local university crowd tend to keep life pumping - especially on Thursdays, dubbed 'Uni night'. A resplendent bistro can cater to all meal hankerings, and a second pub out near the beer garden and bottlo services the younger crowd usually with a live band to entertain.

The Notting Hill: an institution for decades, a uni student's paradise, an ol' style Aussie Pub. Nothing could be better.

Kane Wishart, Clayton, 07/03

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