Tempo Rubato

34 Breese Street
Tel. unknown

Venue type: Bar

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Once a concrete rave cave but also formerly a tool library, wine storage and recording studio at different times; this venue now has a classical bent. Well that's an understatement. Tempo Rubato (a musical term meaning playing with feeling) is a bar and performance space for live classical music.

What a great idea, making classical performance accessible and affordable. Speaking of accessibility the building is just that, and also allows dogs via prior arrangement. Why shouldn't pooch enjoy some piano?

The decor is also welcoming to all. No stiff seats and bland decorating. It has exposed concrete flooring, street art on the walls and indoor foliage. And a bar. Did we mention the bar?

Proceeds from the venue go to Piano Project, an initiative providing piano lessons to refugees. Another example of granting 'high end' music to the masses. It's about time.

Live Music Venue

Live classic music, often piano but sometimes sax, soprano vocals or even theremin.

Julie Whiting

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