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Respectable family run pub on busy Claredon Street offering white linen dining to the one side, and the familiar chinking of pot glasses on the other. The atmosphere's clean and the floor pleasingly unsticky, with plenty of tables scattered around the bar area. Framed jockey silks set a serious sporting tone, and patrons are a varied mix of suits, tradies and casual. Turf talk over a cold beer is the order of the day here, with jukebox and pool table noticeably absent. Special note must go to the small bottleshop and splendid pavement seating, which works a treat over the warmer months. Hats off, too, we must say, to the Emerald Hotel's 3AW Pub of the Year and Pub of the Decade awards.

Mark Davies

Readers' Reviews

I find the Emerald Hotel a unique pub. The horse-shape bar is great and gives a very country kinda feeling close to the CBD. The Staff are mostly pretty good and the food is really good. It boasts a nice bunch of locals that drink there and that are friendly. It is a shame that it is let down with its tired looks. You can see why it would have been nominated for Pub of the Decade, but it does seem that decade is over but not much about the pub has changed.

Martin, South Melbourne, 06/10

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