374 St Kilda Road
St Kilda
Tel. 9525 5552

Venue type: Club

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Readers' Reviews

As a party chick who discovered her dancing shoes late in life (at the ripe old age of 26) i was positively THRILLED TO BITS to discover 'abode'. It is a club with a genuinely underground, alternative vibe which means it's devoid of the plastics, the under-agers, and the sleaze element. This crew run a tight ship, with entries seriously screened at the door to weed out the dodgies the wannabes and the straight laced. Once inside you are unleashed on a throbbing mass of alternative lifestylers from all walks of life - goths, fettishists, leathermen, dyke girls, crossdressers, and the party crowd that just loves being surrounded by that kind of element. You name it, they've got it. And somehow these punters from the extremes of the alternative spectrum coexist happily at this venue with mutual respect of difference and the right to be whatever the hell you want to be the apparent house mottos. The space is superbly decked out with intimate dance floor, impressively stocked bar, and heaps of comfy corners to park your bus without having to leave the main floor. Each Saturday party night has its own profile, with its own music style to suit, but whichever Saturday you come, you can be damned sure that you can shake your booty and be as outrageous as you like without fear of judgment or fear of being hit on/stalked/or drugged by some gross out slinking in the corner type dude. This place is SEXY, SAFE, AND INSANELY GOOD FUN!

Rachel, St Kilda, 02/07

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