The Toff in Town

252 Swanston Street
Tel. 9639 8770

Venue type: Bar

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Partystar Review

Classy pub upstairs on Swanston that remains popular till the late hours. Thanks to a very partitioned and curtained booth layout, you probably won't know what your neighbours are doing, let alone even know which direction the bar was - it's very table-service, you see. There's a bar, of course, but why haul your cadaver off the chair when management have gone to great lengths to install a button in the booth to summon your waiter?

It all conveys a kind of mysterious private club feel, so this one's a good one for the more discreet drinker. As expected, there's a good selection of drinks to be had, topped off by the all-important nibblies menu.

Simon Woodhouse

Readers' Reviews

This venue is a good find - far more fun than downstairs Cookie, and a nice chaser to a relaxing evening at the Rooftop. Though the booths are fairly full all night, there is always space to rest with a drink and a couple of friends. The patrons are a refined group, generally in their mid-20s to mid-30s.

The general feel, patronage, and bar service is excellent, but skip the DJ who plays late on a Friday night, instead sticking to the booths.

Megan, Epping, 01/10

From the owners of two of Melbourne's most unique bars - Revolver Upstairs and Cookie - comes the boutique music venue / bar The Toff In Town. Located in Curtain House, the six story building is home to Cookie, Rooftop Cinema & Bar and a number of a handful of leftfield retail outlets including Metropolis books & music and the P.A.M label's flagship store. Although perhaps a little tongue-in-cheek, the naming of the venue was rather on point, its decore, atmosphere and old-fashioned cloak room making it a nice place to get dressed up for. A train of private booths (yes, you can actually close the door and order drinks via bell service) make up one bar, while the 300 odd person room may be seated or standing room depending on the show. Based on the entertainment at The Toff thus far you're as likely to catch a Tasmanian Black Metal outfit as you are a cocktail Jazz singer.

William, North Melbourne, 05/07

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