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Classic rock bar whose popularity is legendary. Cherry has its own fans, own merch, and own rock festival. It is more than a bar, it's an entity, an institution. A cult? No that's just a bit too far.

Let's step back a decade or two to 2004, when a unanimous vote of the Melbourne City Council saw Melbourne CBD's Corporation Lane renamed AC/DC lane as a tribute to the famous Australian rock and roll band. Why? Partly just cos, and party because the band filmed their music video for rock anthem Long Way to the Top on Swanston Street which runs parallel to the lane. At this stage Cherry was firmly planted in the lane but was a more vanilla operation with no live music. In 2005 James Young took over and the planets aligned. He started booking live acts, the lane had been freshly renamed, and Melbourne was ripe for this kind of venue. The new Cherry was born. The Cherry we know and love.

The famous Lady Gaga incident of 2012 further entrenched its legendary status. James refused to cancel a gig to allow Gaga's entourage exclusive access. She famously returned a year later with no visible security. Nicely played Cherry.

Therein lies Cherry's appeal. She doesn't care how famous you are, how you dress (in fact suits are discouraged) or who you are. The unpretentious, diverse punters in her embrace are testament to this.

The current premises housed legendary venues Pony and then Boney, also late night Melbourne institutions in their times. Nice to keep it in the family. Rock on.

Live Music Venue

The music at Cherry is legendary, with anything from rock and roll, to retro and alternative. Being a cosy venue, Cherry nurtures new talent but has also seen some leading acts. Its current home has a dedicated band room and has 2am gigs, if you're game.

Julie Whiting

Second Opinion

Cherry is nothing short of hugely popular. Ambient, indie, Brit-pop, retro music rules supreme here, but it's the layout that makes it a cut above the rest. Dancers will appreciate the packedness of the floor on a good night. Spend some time out in the back room, too, as it's fantastic - when was the last time you saw a jukebox at a club?

Mark Davies

Readers' Reviews

It looks dodgy, but feels great. Even if you are not that big into rock music you will love the people and the vibe here.

Usually a cover charge of 5$ applies and the place stays open till 4am. There is a dresscode: jeans and t-shirt. And yes, once I actually saw the bouncer denying access to a guy in suit and his wife who was also very dressed up... funny thing to see if you just got denied access at CQ for wearing Pumas.

Alain, Southbank, 11/07

Put simply, Cherry is a Melbourne institution for rock fans. Open late and with an inverse dress-code (the bouncers usually spot posers), it's no wonder Corporation Lane was renamed ACDC Lane to celebrate the connection between Cherry, Melbourne and rock. There's always a fairly friendly if different vibe, mainly due to like-minded people in attendance. The DJs are rock gurus who know their history and people aren't afraid to go crazy on the dance floor.

Martin Watters, Melbourne, 06/05

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