Panama Dining Room

231 Smith Street
Tel. 9417 7663

Venue type: Bar

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Partystar Review

Restaurant on on side with 3/4 of the rest of the space bar area with a very, very long bar indeed. And the views are impressive, we must say. A pool table features as well.

An interesting door policy can rear its head on busier nights, so don't forget to smile and all that.

Michael Edmonds

Second Opinion

Beautiful space whose arched windows, exposed brick and lots of foliage give it a lot of warmth and heart.

Julie Whiting

Readers' Reviews

Located on the top level of a 3 story building..went there for dinner on the back of good reviews in the Age and the Good Food Guide.. Room is really really well set out with a huge bar on one side with comfy chairs and pool table, couches and bar stools and small, intimate dinner tables on the other side.. The highlight is the huge, arched windows that overlook the city with bar stools and bench provided if u wanna sit and take in the view.. A DJ console in one corner provides music, although we were there early so no music was playing at that stage..
Meals were excellent, well presented..order sides if u wanna eat and be full, and the appetizer plate for 2 had some gorgeous flavours on it.. A good wine list as we tried a white selection (Sauv Blanc) followed by a red (pinot noir).. Prices are quite reasonable too..dinner for 2 w/ wine and dessert will probably be around the 100-120 mark.. Overall, go there for the ambience, the sheer strength of the room decor and layout and to chill out and relax.. Perfect date material as it's nice and relaxed atmosphere will help score you points with your date :-)

Rahul, Toorak, 06/07

This is a gorgeous place, with high ceilings, comfy lounges, a chilled soundtrack and massive arched windows looking out onto the street scene below. Think Fitzroy personality mixed with sleek city style. There is a huge bar with lots of staff and a great range of drinks. The space tends to get rather warm when there are a lot of people in there, so be prepared to shed some layers. Some form of coatroom would be a great idea!

Christy, Northcote, 07/06

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