Section 8

27 Tattersalls Lane
Tel. 0408 971 044

Venue type: Bar

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Something like a distant cousin of St Jerome's. It's is an open outdoor area, possibly remotely comparable with a covered carpark containg benches instead of cars. And with premium beers being served from a shipping crate.

Urban, studenty, grungy. One to ride your bike to.

Outdoor Area / Beer Garden

Entire area is outdoors

Simon Woodhouse

Readers' Reviews

Set back in one of Melbourne's celebrated laneways, and taking its lead from other indie playgrounds like St Jerome's, this place has got some serious 'tood. You'd be forgiven for passing it by without a second look, because the space it occupies is literally an old car park - there's even a big 'Car Park for Lease' sign on one of the brick walls as testament to this. A temporary roof acts as a shield from Melbourne's worst, and two shipping containers are transformed into a bar serving up plenty of the cold stuff, as well as teas and coffees. Chinese lanterns, candles, and a Turkish nargile (water pipe, shisha, hookah...) or two bring in the charm, as do some 21st century frescoes on the exposed walls. You're sitting on old packing crates, but it's all good because gas heaters keep you warm and the buzz this place is creating keeps everyone happy. Perfect for an afternoon chillax session, a quiet one with some mates, or even a pre-drinks stop on the way somewhere groovier, Section 8 has it all. It's scene is, unlike many of its laneway conterparts, decidedly un-pretentious, so you can dress up/down/shake it all around, and you'll never feel too out of place. It's a bohemian dream. Check this place out before it's too late - once the cool kids know about it, you'll have missed out.

Dan, Ormond, 07/06

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