Bush Inn Hotel

505 Malvern Road
Tel. 9827 3610

Venue type: Pub

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Very old school pub with a great TAB feel and the coldest beer we've seen in a long long time. A smaller side room exists as well, so don't miss it, should you want a slightly different feel.

Tony Clarke

Readers' Reviews

Hey all, had a great nite at the BI, the staff were great & friendly, food was great, don't worry about the review guidelines - speak your mind, I found it a a great country pub where you say what you want , drink want you want & eat want you want.

Chris, Bundoora, 10/10

This is a local hang out with a great front bar with loads of tables & chairs and just the place for the perfect Chicken Parma with chips & coleslaw.

For a quick bite on the way home the front bar is the place to mix with young and old, smoking & non smoking.If you want more room and a quieter atmosphere the Lounge area is great and has booths to eat in couchs & even a pool table. Meals are on the generous side and service is quick & courteous. A large selection of beers are on tap in both front bar & lounge. Enjoy.

Mark, South Yarra, 04/04

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