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Suburb Street Name Type
Perth   399 WIlliam Street 399 Bar     [View Function Room] B  
Perth     43 Barrack Street 43 Below     [View Function Room] B  
Perth     77 St Georges Terrace 77 Social B    
Perth     37 Barrack Street Alfred’s Pizzeria B Reviewed  
Perth   383 Murray Street Amplifier Capitol BC Reviewed  o   m 
Perth   140 William Street Aviary, The     [View Function Room] B    
Perth       3 Aberdeen Street Badlands Bar B    
Perth   347 Murray Street Belgian Beer Cafe Westende     [View Function Room] P    
Perth   125 St Georges Terrace Bob's Bar B Reviewed  
Perth   131 St Georges Terrace Bobeche B Reviewed  
Perth     26 Queen Street Caballitos B Reviewed  
Perth   317 Murray Street Cheeky Sparrow B Reviewed  
Perth     50 Beaufort Street Court, The     [View Function Room] B Reviewed  
Perth   560 Hay Street Criterion Hotel P    
Perth   138 Barrack Street Drunk Elephant Bar     [View Function Room] B Reviewed  
Perth   397 Murray Street Durty Nelly's P    
Perth   383 Murray Street Edison, The B Reviewed  
Perth   191 Beaufort Street Ellington Jazz Club     [View Function Room] B    
Perth   221 Adelaide Terrace Fenian's Pub P    
Perth   567 Queens Street Ferrara Bar     [View Function Room] B    
Perth     16 Queen Street Flour Factory, The B Reviewed  
Perth   125 St Georges Terrace Gazette     [View Function Room] B Reviewed  
Perth   397 Murray Street Generous Squire, The P Reviewed
Perth   216 St Georges Terrace George, The     [View Function Room] B Reviewed
Perth   150 St Georges Terrace Grand Bar and Bistro B Reviewed
Perth   339 Hay Street Grosvenor Hotel P    
Perth     40 Irwin Street Hadiqa B Reviewed    o 
Perth   585 Hay Street Halford Bar B Reviewed  
Perth   101 St Georges Terrace Helvetica     [View Function Room] B Reviewed  
Perth   131 St Georges Road Heritage, The B Reviewed  
Perth     12 Victoria Avenue Hula Bula Bar B    
Perth          Barrack Square Lucky Shag, The B Reviewed  o 
Perth   104 Murray Street Lucy's Love Shack C    
Perth     33 Milligan Street Melbourne, The P    
Perth     33 Mounts Bay Road Metro Bar     [View Function Room] B    
Perth     84 Beaufort Street Palace Arcade B Reviewed
Perth     54 Barrack Street Petition B Reviewed  
Perth   356 Murray Street Prince Lane     [View Function Room] P    
Perth   263 Adelaide Terrace Public House P    
Perth   334 Murray Street Rubix B    
Perth   317 Murray Street Sewing Room, The B Reviewed  m 
Perth   214 William Street Shadow Wine Bar B Reviewed  
Perth     31 Wolf Lane Spaniard, The B Reviewed  
Perth   888 Hay Street Stables Bar B    
Perth   437 Murray Street Tiger Lil's     [View Function Room] B    
Perth     75 King Street Varnish on King B Reviewed
Perth   187 Stirling Street Villa Nightclub C Reviewed
Perth   321 Murray Street Wolf Lane     [View Function Room] B Reviewed

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