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Suburb Street Name Type
Northbridge     90 Aberdeen Street Aberdeen Hotel (Game Sports Bar) P Reviewed  
Northbridge   139 James Street Air C    
Northbridge   232 William Street Alabama Song B Reviewed  o 
Northbridge   147 James Street An Sibin     [View Function Room] C    
Northbridge   181 William Street Bird, The B Reviewed  o 
Northbridge   209 William Street Brass Monkey, The P Reviewed  
Northbridge     73 Francis Street Butterfly 73 B Reviewed
Northbridge   161 James Street Coconut Grove     [View Function Room] B Reviewed
Northbridge     81 James Street Connections C    
Northbridge   189 William Street Ezra Pound B Reviewed  
Northbridge   135 James Street Geisha Bar C Reviewed    m 
Northbridge     69 Aberdeen Street Henry Summer B    
Northbridge     53 Lake Street Holey Moley B    
Northbridge   210 Lake Street Hotel Northbridge P    
Northbridge   133 Aberdeen Street Jack Rabbit Slim's C Reviewed
Northbridge     20 James Street James St Bar and Kitchen B Reviewed  
Northbridge   232 William Street Joe's Juice Joint     [View Function Room] B Reviewed
Northbridge     69 Lake Street Library     [View Function Room] C    
Northbridge     57 James Street Lot 20     [View Function Room] B Reviewed  
Northbridge   222 William Street Mechanics Institute B Reviewed    o 
Northbridge   146 Roe Street Metro City     [View Function Room] BC    
Northbridge   139 James Street Mint C    
Northbridge     46 Lake Street Mustang Bar     [View Function Room] B    
Northbridge   110 Aberdeen Street Nevermind Smallclub B    
Northbridge     44 Lake Street Northbridge Brewing Company P Reviewed
Northbridge   245 William Street Panama Social B Reviewed    o 
Northbridge   163 James Street Paramount Nightclub C Reviewed  
Northbridge   209 William Street Patriots Sports Bar B Reviewed  
Northbridge     12 Lake Street Planet Royale     [View Function Room] B Reviewed  
Northbridge     78 James Street Rapture Nightclub C Reviewed  
Northbridge   174 James Street Rocket Room B Reviewed  m 
Northbridge   205 James Street Rosie O'Grady's P    
Northbridge     30 Roe Street Sneaky Tony's B Reviewed
Northbridge     28 Roe Street Standard, The B Reviewed    o 
Northbridge     91 James Street Tiki as FK     [View Function Room] B    
Northbridge   221 William Street Universal Bar     [View Function Room] B    

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