Hollywood Karaoke Bar

186 Bourke Street
Tel. 9663 8898

Venue type: Bar

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There is nothing Hollywood about this unorthodox venue, except maybe its exclusive guest list. And that is reflected by the prices of drinks here, which are somewhat steeper than at your local. The Hollywood consists of karaoke rooms available to hire. For those not initiated to the notion of the private karaoke 'box' (a popular style in Asia), a group pays per hour to use a studio-type room which contains some couches, a karaoke screen, microphone, and a selection book and remote for you to programme your choices. Then sing away, using the background music and the words (and even a film clip!) on the screen as your prompts. A large range of old favourites and newer numbers are on offer, depending on your singing preferences. Back to the whole drinks thing, would-be pop stars in the rooms can order drinks for delivery from the central bar and it is charged to the account. So what are you waiting for? Do re me fa..

Our tip: Beware! Non-regulars here might feel misplaced.

Julie Whiting

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