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Suburb Street Name Type
Brisbane   401 Logan Road 5 Boroughs Stones Corner B    
Brisbane   545 Queen Street Bar Barossa B    
Brisbane   190 Elizabeth Street Below 7 Lounge Bar (Hilton) B    
Brisbane   175 Elizabeth Street Bridge Club, The P    
Brisbane       1 Eagle Lane Brooklyn Standard B    
Brisbane   169 Mary Street Buffalo Bar P Reviewed  
Brisbane     18 Caxton Street Calypso B    
Brisbane     38 Caxton Street Caxton Hotel P    
Brisbane   239 George Street Criterion Tavern     [View Function Room] P    
Brisbane   308 Edward Street Down Under Bar B    
Brisbane   646 Ann Street Elixir Rooftop B    
Brisbane   188 Edward Street Embassy Hotel P    
Brisbane   124 Albert Street Fat Louie's B    
Brisbane   123 Eagle Street Friday's B    
Brisbane     52 Petrie Terrace Fritzenberger     [View Function Room] P    
Brisbane   124 Albert Street Gilhooleys P    
Brisbane   270 Ann Street Grand Central Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Brisbane     48 Petrie Terrace GreenHill Bar B  
Brisbane   308 Queen Street Gresham, The B Reviewed  
Brisbane   123 Eagle Street Groove Train B    
Brisbane   320 George Street Grosvenor on George, The P    
Brisbane       1 Eagle Street Il Centro B    
Brisbane     73 Wickham Terrace Inchcolm Hotel     [View Function Room] P    
Brisbane   175 George Street Irish Murphy's Brisbane B    
Brisbane       1 Eagle Street Jade Buddha B    
Brisbane   130 Queen Street Jo Jo's B    
Brisbane   560 Queen Street Johnny Ringo's     [View Function Room] P Reviewed  
Brisbane   109 Melbourne Street La Lune Wine Co. B Reviewed  
Brisbane     15 Caxton Street Lefty's Old Time Music Hall B Reviewed  
Brisbane     21 Queen Street Live Wire Bar (Casino) B    
Brisbane     68 Petrie Terrace Lord Alfred, The     [View Function Room] P    
Brisbane     33 Caxton Street MG Bar (Gambaro) B    
Brisbane   171 Queen Street Mick O'Malley's     [View Function Room] B    
Brisbane     55 Caxton Street Mirasoul B    
Brisbane   123 Eagle Street Pig 'N' Whistle P Reviewed  o 
Brisbane   194 Queen Street Pig 'N' Whistle P Reviewed  
Brisbane   100 Adelaide Street Pig ‘N' Whistle P Reviewed    o 
Brisbane     40 Edward Street Port Office Hotel P    
Brisbane     21 Queen Street Premier's Bar (Casino) B    
Brisbane   300 Queen Street Rush     [View Function Room] B    
Brisbane     21 Queen Street Ryan's on the Park (Casino) B    
Brisbane       1 Eagle Street Shadow Lounge B    
Brisbane   131 Edward Street Stock Exchange Hotel P  
Brisbane   466 George Street Tinbillys Bar B    
Brisbane   482 George Street Transcontinental Hotel P    
Brisbane   130 William Street Treasury Hotel, The P    
Brisbane   109 Edward Street Verve Cafe B    
Brisbane   127 Edward Street Victory Hotel P    
Brisbane   215 Adelaide Street Zenbar B    

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