Back on the beers

Donuts or doughnuts? Melbourne doesn’t care, as Covid numbers have been zero for two days. Let’s hope the C word stays down and parties can be had. Meanwhile the kegs will start flowing tomorrow for smaller gatherings with density quotas in place.

Bring on summer!

Melbourne bookings opening

Melbournians gather your squad and get your restaurant bookings in for early November. From 11.59pm on Sunday November 1, hospitality reopens for 20 people inside and 50 people outside. While the venues are madly implementing Covid safe protocols and installing all-weather areas, we are deciding what we want to eat first. We can’t wait! 

Own private party island? We are so there.

While states are quarrelling about re-opening Covid-bound borders, we are mentally right here.

The incredible views from this slice of paradise will wow your guests.

Island Bar is the best kind of exclusive – to access it take a ferry from mainland Townsville which takes approximately 20 minutes. Party in VIP style, stay the night and be sure to schedule in some beach time the next day. Swoon.