Celtic Club

316 Queen Street
Tel. 9670 6472

Venue type: Pub

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It ain't easy being green, but this aptly named club pulls it off, with the Irish's favourite colour all over the place. Four-leaf clovers decorate the carpet, Irish bands might feature on the weekends and the bistro is called 'The Shamrock', so there's no doubting that this is indeed, an Irish pub. And because it was around much longer than the trendy spate of them which began in the mid nineties, it has a good regular 40s+ clientele which dates way back. Since it's a proper 'club' signing-in is required.

The big screen is is not just big - it's massive. Nothing short of a movie screen, in fact. The right football and soccer games here will attract big crowds.

Julie Whiting

Readers' Reviews

Only been there on nights of the football (soccer) but if you are looking for a football friendly pub, this is the place, especially if you are a Liverpool or Celtic fan as all televised games are shown there and usually a good turn out.

Daniel, Sunbury, 01/07

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