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Suburb Street Name Type
Melbourne   170 Russell Street 170 Russell C Reviewed  m 
Melbourne     12 Bourke Street Angel Music Bar BC Reviewed
Melbourne     24 Bond Street Bond Melbourne BC Reviewed
Melbourne   579 Little Collins Street Bottom End, The PBC  
Melbourne     68 Little Collins Street Cherry BC Reviewed    m 
Melbourne   383 Lonsdale Street Club Retro     [View Function Room] C Reviewed  o 
Melbourne   585 Lonsdale Street Colonial Hotel     [View Function Room] PBC Reviewed
Melbourne   115 Russell Street Crafty Squire, The PBC Reviewed
Melbourne     21 Croft Alley Croft Institute BC Reviewed
Melbourne     95 Queen Street Decca     [View Function Room] C Reviewed
Melbourne   163 Russell Street Eden     [View Function Room] BC Reviewed
Melbourne   120 Exhibition Street European Bier Cafe (Aer Bar)     [View Function Room] PBC Reviewed  o 
Melbourne   461 Bourke Street High Fidelity C    
Melbourne     11 Highlander Lane Highlander     [View Function Room] BC Reviewed
Melbourne   590 Little Bourke Street Holey Moley C Reviewed
Melbourne     60 King Street Inflation C Reviewed  o 
Melbourne   502 Flinders Street Insignia PBC Reviewed  
Melbourne   117 Lonsdale Street Key Club     [View Function Room] C  
Melbourne     43 Hardware Lane Khokolat Bar BC Reviewed  
Melbourne   577 Little Bourke Street La Di Da BC Reviewed
Melbourne   422 Little Collins Street Little Red Pocket BC Reviewed
Melbourne   252 Flinders Lane Lustre Bar BC Reviewed
Melbourne     25 Bank Place Marrakech     [View Function Room] BC Reviewed
Melbourne   277 Flinders Lane Mill House, The     [View Function Room] BC  
Melbourne   187 Flinders Lane Mon Bijou BC  
Melbourne   322 Little Collins Street New Guernica C Reviewed
Melbourne   139 Bourke Street OMG C  
Melbourne   371 Flinders Street Platform One     [View Function Room] BC Reviewed
Melbourne   243 Swanston Street Radar BC Reviewed    o 
Melbourne   401 Swanston Street RedLove BC Reviewed
Melbourne   629 Bourke Street Royal Melbourne Hotel     [View Function Room] PC Reviewed  o 
Melbourne       1 Geddes Lane Topyard     [View Function Room] BC Reviewed  o 
Melbourne   189 Lonsdale Street Two Floors Up BC Reviewed
Melbourne   413 Elizabeth Street Workshop BC Reviewed  o 

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