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Long Room

162 Collins Street
Tel. 9663 7226

Venue type: Bar

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Partystar Review

Dim lighting, classy. Waiters flitting around in their black suits taking drinks orders at tables. Think long to very long bar on one side, sandstone, lit up in blue. Dark cushioned seating in cosy alcove style down the middle of the room, dividers of the black iron lattice type.

Now picture curtains around most of the Long Room's walls. Look really closely and you notice the holes. All around are hidden alcoves (for about 15 people each) with more great couches and cushions. There's even a second, smaller bar in one area.

Eye catching and interesting objects make up the rest of the room - strange statues, moose antlers, bubble lamps, you name it.

The location's just right, too, being part of the Georges complex. The Long Room is an upmarket bar that will suit many just nicely. Careful if you're expecting a quiet drink on the weekend though, the place can often be packed to the rafters with a VIP area, bistro and more.

Our tip: watch out for the smart casual dress code. It's the Georges complex, after all.

Claudia Kane

Readers' Reviews

Located in a classy area, nice crowd, the music was a mix of old and new, dancing around the couches fun

Serena, Brunswick, 12/10

Readers' Reviews

We attended one of the regular saturday 'Makeovers, Manicures and Martinis' nights held exlusively at the Long Room .... and all i can say was WOW!! My friends and I were amazed! The entrance is very 'grand'. You enter via a huge red carpet, and then walk down a lovely set of stairs. The place truly is a long bar. The quality of cocktails are second to none, all made with real & fresh fruits. The tapas/japanese is great and not overpriced. The place is very elegant and relaxing. Along with the pampering we received, we truly felt we were 'Sex in the City' gals!

The night gets busier as the hours progress. There are booths which are great for catch up, and suits people of all ages that like a clean, classy, different venue.

It is a premier venue, and suits those that like feeling extra special, and like to get dressed up for a great night!

There are many men dressed up in suits, lady's dressed fashionably, and different options ..... u can stand/sit around the bar, on the lounges, at one of the gorgeous booths, or the grand wooden dining table.
Highly recommended!! Especially for one of these lady's pamper events!

Natalie, Mulgrave, 08/08

When you first enter the Long Room, you're faced with a bar as far as the eye can see, seconded by the suits, skirts and general attire. On the surface, one would say the Long Room draws a pretentious crowd - though you soon find everyone to be as friendly and welcoming as you are.

The clientele are generally professional, and tend to look the part. If you're looking for a great night out, with the possibility of meeting a special someone with whom you can enjoy an intelligent conversation, don't go past the Long Room.

Finally, the venue is large. Lots of bar space, as well as a couches area. But on Fridays it's a full-house. Get in early to avoid the line-up.

Mat, Kew, 03/06

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